Cultivating Connections in Prague the Locus Workspace Way with Eva Sanz

In this episode, we hear from Eva Sanz of Locus Workspace in Prague, who shares how to create a lively community where work and relationships flourish. Eva talks about the unique blend of work and social life at Locus Workspace.

She explains how their unique approach to community management transforms a typical coworking day into an opportunity for creating lasting friendships and professional networks. 

Whether you’re a freelancer seeking a collaborative space or a seasoned entrepreneur looking for your next creative spark, this conversation reveals how community-driven spaces can elevate your work experience.

Episode Highlights:

0:20 Introduction to Eva Sanz and Locus Workspace – discover the unique coworking environment that balances productivity and networking.

1:07 The Role of a Community Manager – Eva discusses her day-to-day activities and the integral role of community managers in fostering a welcoming and connected workspace.

3:03 Defining community management – clarification on community managers’ distinct roles and impacts versus traditional receptionists.

4:10 You’ll hear Eva’s journey from a newcomer to a pivotal community influencer in Prague’s coworking scene.

10:06 Dynamic workspace culture – explore Locus Workspace’s flexible desk policy that encourages new connections daily.

14:11 The power of reviews and recommendations – Learn how positive feedback and word-of-mouth propel Locus Workspace to a leading position in Prague.

Links & Resources:

– Visit Locus Workspace:

– Follow on Instagram: @locusworkspace 

Eva Sanz on LinkedIn 

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