Committing Coworking to the Sustainability Value with Dina Sierralta

In this episode’s conversation is with Dina, a key figure in the German coworking community, straight from her greenhouse in Hamburg.

Dina shares her journey of integrating coworking values into corporate settings where she works as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master.

We also explore the relationship between agile methodologies and coworking principles.

Episode Highlights:

[0:17] Dina’s Coworking Vision: Dina’s aspirations to reshape the German work landscape through coworking.

[1:39] Coworking in Corporate Settings: How coworking values are influencing traditional corporate environments.

[4:19] Community Over Competition: Bernie discusses the impact of sharing and collaboration in coworking.

[6:29] CoWork 2024 Insights: Highlights from the recent coworking conference focusing on sustainability.

[10:08] Holistic Sustainability: Exploring sustainability beyond environmental aspects within coworking.

[17:14] Future Plans: Upcoming initiatives by the German Coworking Federation to promote sustainable practices.

Links & Resources:

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