RES-MOVE: Leveraging immigrants’ economic potential just makes sense

The European Coworking Assembly is proud to be a member of a new coalition to l develop of a European network of coworking spaces as meeting places between migrants and the small entrepreneurs, diaspora members, young start-uppers, circular and social economy experts, to share ideas and learn from each other, and to prepare and support coworking spaces in fulfilling this role.  

RES-MOVE is an EU Project funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and coordinated by Athens-based Academy of Entrepreneurship


Diversity is a powerful driver of innovation and progress, which is one of the reasons for host countries to fully embrace immigrants and refugees as they arrive. Populist rhetoric often casts a negative light on the impact of migrants on the host countries they enter; but where we prioritise protecting and assisting vulnerable groups in the host country and support the local governments in host countries in managing a sustainable path of economic development, the impact of migrants is positive. This project will demonstrate this positive effect through practical measures making social and economic integration easier.


Targeting freelancers, skilled craftspeople, knowledge workers and startup entrepreneurs, RES-MOVE will develop these coworking spaces into inclusive work environments that support migrant workers’ unique needs. These include building direct pathways to employment for women especially and hosting training and workshops to equip migrants to participate in their new markets. Perhaps most importantly, the initiative wants to encourage newcomers and local professionals to collaborate and network.


RES-MOVE was officially launched at a kick-off meeting in mid-March this year, held in Athens, Greece, and attended by all the partner organisations. The partners agreed on the next steps of the project, especially as far as research is concerned, and planned their activities according to the needs of the project’s intended participants and the labour market.

What to expect

In the coming months, significant efforts will be dedicated to the further development and implementation of RES-MOVE. The partners will provide regular updates on progress. Stay tuned for developments on this transformative initiative, poised to positively impact lives and societies.

RES-MOVE partners

Vocational education and training (VET) providers


Research centres


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