About the European Coworking Assembly

Or as our friends call us 'The Assembly'.

The Vision

Independent coworking, taken as a body, has the largest and most powerful network in Europe, and we are a part of a growing and changing entrepreneurial ecosystem. We want to leverage this network for good.  

To do that effectively we must speak with one voice and make decisions as a body about our part in the future of work.

The European Coworking Assembly is committed to this network of peers which is improving Europe in an open, collaborative and horizontal way.  

The Assembly has a European identity in the broadest sense of the word based on the five values of coworking: community, openness, sustainability, collaboration & accessibility.

The Mission

The Assembly serves as the one point of contact between independent coworking in Europe and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in which it finds itself by using technology to organize and support projects, by forming partnerships and alliances, by introducing our members to each other for future alliances based on their goals and values, by supporting and arranging communication about Coworking in the media and other channels, and by exploring the best business form in which to achieve our common goals.

The Entity

The European Coworking Assembly is a Dutch foundation registered with the Kamer van Koophandel Netherlands under the name Stichting European Coworking Assembly, number 73105058 with its address at: Zandheuvel 52 B, 4901HW, Oosterhout, the Netherlands.

IBAN: NL55BUNQ2033781585
Account Name: Stichting European Coworking Assembly
Bank Name: Bunq Bank

VAT number: NL859356711B01

Privacy Statement

There is no service, so we have no general terms of service.

We don’t collect your data for any purpose other than responding to you, so we have no policy on anything other than that.

If you send us an email we will answer you via the address you give us; If you ask us to call you we will do it with the number you provide.  We won’t send you any other emails, and we won’t call you for any other reason. And we certainly won’t sell or share your data with anybody without checking with you first, you are not a prize to us. You are the Assembly, and we are too.

If you opt-in to or interact with our Twitter, Facebook, or newsletter registrations then we will collect the data you opted into giving us for those purposes.  Because if you sign up for something with us you will get it. No exceptions.

As for the website, this is a WordPress website.  Wordpress uses cookies and browser sessions to improve the user experience. we're not using any tracking/re-targeting cookies.

That’s it, really.

The People

And faces behind the Assembly
Jeannine van der Linden

Jeannine van der Linden


Founder and manager, chief cook and bottle washer of de Kamer, an intentional network of coworking spaces. Managing Partner of Open Coworking, a global community of people dedicated to the values of Collaboration, Openness, Community, Accessibility, and Sustainability in their shared workplaces.

Director of the European Coworking Assembly Foundation.

Proud member of Axschat community, an open online community of individuals dedicated to creating an inclusive world, and of the #pinksocks tribe.  


Alex Ahom


Founder, Creative Director and Consultant.

A London native but the last 5 years Alex has been in Germany building community and supporting creativity and entrepreneurship. His startup www.shhared.de is an independent coworking space and community in Germany’s 2nd biggest city, Hamburg.

Alex is also a Director at the European Coworking Assembly and very passionate speaker on driving for positive change around diversity, entrepreneurship and the future of work culture.


Hector Kolonas

Founder of included.co, code-slinger and supporter of coworking and entrepreneurial communities.

When Hector isn’t busy negotiating great business deals and discounts, he can be found turning coffee into code behind the scenes of many projects designed to promote and empower coworking across the continent and beyond.

Just a few of the community projects he’s slung code into are this website, coworking.jobs, freelancersweek.org, ouishareradio.com, lovematija.com, freelancerswhocowork.com and the upcoming coworkingpets.com.


Mike LaRosa

Since 2013, Mike LaRosa has researched and studied an array of shared workspaces, leading him to visit over 500 locations in 31 countries.

Mike is a co-founder of AgoraRDM  a highly sought after consultancy firm, providing expert industry knowledge and know how from design to operations, staffing, training and marketing. Clients such as JLL, Marriott, Coworker.com and WeWork have turned to them for integrating real estate management practices with the principles of coworking to provide all-inclusive solutions for flex-use or shared work spaces, community builders, institutional developers and investment trusts alike.

You can follow him on Coworkaholic.co  a blog he founded in 2015 dedicated to the location independent and coworking lifestyle.


Christian Cordes

Founder and Leader of the board for the German Coworking Federation.

Since 2012 he open the Schiller40 Coworking space in Wolfsburg and works as Chief Urban Digital Development Officer for the local government for the City of Wolfsburg.

Christian founded the digital Creative and Culture department of Wolfsburg and managed many projects for the german and European coworking family.


Johanna Voll

Researcher at the European University Viadrina, board member of the German Coworking Federation e.V. and long time coworking enthusiast.

She is one of the co-founders of the Coworking Library.

When she is not teaching or writing about the reorganization of work, she is busy making plans to open a collaborative space in an old brewery in Halle.


Caroline Van Keymeulen de Oliveira

Caroline is the founder of the European Coworking Academy. With over 10 years experience as a business owner in HR & Event hospitality, she helps spaces and people grow and facilitates the right trainings for coworking consultants. 

From defining strategy to concept design to execution for businesses.

As a board member of the European Coworking Assembly she contributes to the growth of the community in Europe’s coworking industry.

Auli Kütt

Bernie Mitchell