European Rural Coworking Project

Creating sustainable projects in rural clusters for a better Europe – together

So what’s rural?

It is the majority of Europe

Rural areas account for just over three quarters (75.8 %) of the EU’s total area, with approximately one fifth of this (20.5 %) defined as towns and suburbs.

It is crucial to the future of Europe

It provides us with our food, homes, jobs, and essential ecosystem services.

It is the default

Oddly, “rural” is not really defined.  Instead, it covers everywhere not identified as urban centres or as urban clusters; and these are defined as places with more than 50,000 residents nearby. So legal status as a city, town, or village is not part of it.

So why a Coworking Project?

More and more people are moving to the countryside in Europe. But new people moving to rural areas does not magically solve structural problems such as transportation, access to services, diversification of economic opportunities, or loss of population.

The Coworking movement offers the possibility of a truly local approach, dictated by the needs of your own community, with international reach and impact. Only together can we transform European Rural areas, one place at a time.

First phase objectives:

The Rural Coworking Project has completed its first development phase. Under the leadership of Johanna Voll and Jose Morales we achieved the following:

  • Begin Identifying local ambassadors for rural coworking across Europe.
  • Begin mapping rural and suburban Coworking spaces in Europe.

Second phase objectives:

Under the leadership of Claire Carpenter and Maria do Céu Bastos, we would like to transform the ERCP. Our vision is to establish:

  • An online (and perhaps, in-real-life) community to share experiences, best practices, and success stories, 
  • A place to develop our knowledge and skills, foster peer learning, and collectively enhance our ability to create sustainable and thriving ‘Rural hubs’
  • A grassroots, participatory organization which can enter into public-private partnerships, and collectively seek funding and support at the local, regional, national, and EU levels


We are holding an online meet-up of National Ambassadors (and supporters) 

At this meetup we will:

  • Lay out our high-level ideas & plans for developing the ERCP over the next few years
  • Seek agreement from five to six National Ambassadors – to engage specifically in a pilot of a multi-country, National Network Engagement Plan, over 2024
  • Discuss next steps, including a hybrid meet-up at Coworking Europe in Porto in 28-29 November 2023

Are you generally interested in this general endeavor but can’t come to the call? Are you running a similar program and want to work together? Just reply to with your response. Hit reply now and get it done!

Save the date and book – for our first ‘ERCP Ambassadors online meetup’.
Thursday 7th September 2023 13:00 GMT / 14:00 CET.

Our team

The Rural Coworking Project is an independent project of the European Coworking Assembly. ECA members lead and organize it and Country Ambassadors bring the knowledge, resources, and assets of the project home to their respective countries.

Maria do Ceu Bastos

Claire Carpenter

Hans Abeloos

Jaume Bages

Tobias Kremkau

Rich Mills

Christophe Pigré

Jeannine van der Linden

European Rural Coworking Project, 2023 

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Ada Coworking
AgropolisBar d’Office profileBelgium
Alte Rösterei Grimmahttps://alte-roesterei.deGermany
Ammersee Denkerhaushttps://www.ammersee-denkerhaus.deGermany
An Chroi South Sligo Enterprise Centre
Anceu Colivinghttps://anceu.comSpain
Aurora Coworkinghttps://www.auroracoworking.comSlovenia
Bamako Rural Coworking
Bergstadtbüro Zwönitzhttps://bergstadtbuero.deGermany
BLWRKBar d’Office profileBelgium
Bora CoworkingBar d’Office profileBelgium
Business BreweryBar d’Office profileBelgium
Calle3 Coworkinghttps://www.calle3.deGermany
Canjoan Coworkinghttps://canjoancoworking.comSpain
Casa Neutralhttps://www.bloomhq.ieItaly
Coho Kassandrahttps://www.coho.grGreece
Convent³ Co-WorkingBar d’Office profileBelgium
Coworking am Storchenturm
Coworking Banskohttps://www.coworkingbansko.comBulgaria
Coworking Cornerhttps://coworkingcorner.coUnited Kingdom
Coworking Enguídanoshttps://coworkingenguidanos.carrd.coSpain
Coworking Elbvorortehttps://coworking-elbvororte.deGermany
Coworking Fach@Werk
Coworking Hitzacker
Coworking Köniz Zentrum
CoWorking Schlei
Coworking Stadehttps://coworking-stade.deGermany
Coworkkem GmbHhttps://www.coworking-kemnath.deGermany
Coworkplus Termonhttps://www.coworkplustermon.ieIreland
Culture Coworkinghttps://www.culturecoworking.ieIreland
De Backer Haarden CoworkingBar d’Office profileBelgium
Dungarvan Enterprise Centrehttps://www.dungarvanec.comIreland
DuigemhofBar d’Office profileBelgium
Eagle Labs Cumbria Kingdom
Echtland CoWorking Pfaffenhofenhttps://www.echtland-coworking.deGermany
Enterprising Monaghanhttps://enterprisingmonaghan.ieIreland
Espaço Cooperativa Cowork Aldeias de Montanha
Espot Cowork
El Refugio Rural Coworking & Coliving
Flamschenzwei Coworkinghttps://www.flamschenzwei.deGermany
Flexi Desk Limited
Frame21Bar d’Office profileBelgium
Friday CoworkBar d’Office profileBelgium
Genion Labhttps://genionlab.comSpain
Gleis 21
GreenvilleBar d’Office profileBelgium
Hub 123 Republic
H2O HouseBar d’Office profileBelgium
Haus 5 Salzwedel
Kamer 4
Kamer 24
Kamer 36
Kamer 52
Kamer 79
Killarney Innovation Centre
Katedra Coworking Veszprem
LUG2 Coworkinghttps://www.lug2-coworking.deGermany
Good Vibes Only
Gwirbi Coworking Triesenberghttps://www.gwirbi.liLiechtenstein
Hof Homann eGhttps://www.hof-homann.deGermany
Impact Hub Invernesshttps://inverness.impacthub.netScotland
Impulsraum Felde
Konturwerk GmbHhttps://konturwerk.comGermany
La Colmena Coworking, Sierra de Cadiz
La maison D’À CÔTÉ
La Palette, le panel des possible
MégarnieBar d’Office profileBelgium
MIX Coworking
Mokrin Househttps://www.mokrinhouse.comSerbia
NoordlinkBar d’Office profileBelgium
Place2Work AsseBar d’Office profileBelgium
Place2Work LokerenBar d’Office profileBelgium
Place2Work OpwijkBar d’Office profileBelgium
Portlaoise Enterprise Centre CLG
PortusHome Coliving
Project Bay
Quinta da Quinhas, Albergue & Cowork Ruralhttps://quintadaquinhas.ptPortugal
Rittergut Damerow Coworking Café
Rubicon Centre
Rural Hub Vrmdža
SleevesUp! Bad Homburg vor der Höhe
SleevesUp! Dreieich
SleevesUp! Kronberg im Taunus
SleevesUp! München Laim
SleevesUp! Oberursel (Taunus)
SleevesUp! Weinheim
Sort Cowork
Space2connectBar d’Office profileBelgium
Sphere 5 CoworkingBar d’Office profileBelgium
Tagwerk e.V.
Tech Spa, part of Tech Zity
Terenure Enterprise Centrehttps://terenure-enterprise.ieIreland
The Ludgate Hub
The Tribe SW Ltd Kingdom
The Viewhttps://theview.ieIreland
Thiewinkel23Bar d’Office profileBelgium
TVELTBar d’Office profileBelgium
WOHNZIMMER Coworking Spacehttps://www.wohnzimmer-coworking.deGermany
Wicklow Office Suites
Work LnBhttps://www.Work-LnB.deGermany
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Worting House Kingdom
Wu WeiBar d’Office profileBelgium
Zona Líquida
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