Planting Ideas and Growing Communities with Chauntelle Lewis

Planting Ideas and Growing Communities with Chauntelle Lewis: A Dive into Sustainable Living and Coworking Values


In this Belongfulness Project episode of the Coworking Values Podcast, host Tony Bacigalupo chats with Chauntelle Lewis, also known as the Bearfoot Planter.

Chauntelle shares her inspiring journey from conceptualising sustainable garden workshops to creating community-centric dining experiences.

In this episode, you’ll see how personal passions can evolve into impactful enterprises while aligning with coworking’s core values—community, openness, collaboration, accessibility, and sustainability.

Episode Highlights:

– Tony introduces the five core values of coworking and welcomes Chauntelle Lewis, the Bearfoot Planter.

– Chauntelle describes the origin of the Bearfoot Planter and how an offhand comment led to a sustainable business idea.

– The brand name’s significance and the shift from a casual hobby to a community-focused enterprise.

Chauntelle discusses her background in ADEI and community management and how a pivot in her career led to her full-time pursuit of her passion.

– Launching the Bearfoot Planter during a financial struggle and the role of a supportive network in bringing the idea to life.

– Details of Chauntelle’s first workshop at a coworking space, showcasing the alignment of coworking values with personal initiatives.

– Financial challenges and strategic decisions in growing a community-focused business.

– The expansion into sustainable dining experiences and partnerships with local chefs and businesses.

– Chauntelle’s vision for the Bearfoot Planter as a full-time endeavor and her role as an Impact Entrepreneur.

– How networking and community support have been pivotal in scaling her initiatives and creating more inclusive events.

Links & Resources:

– Visit the Bearfoot Planter website

– Follow Chauntelle on Instagram

– Connect with Chauntelle on Twitter/X

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