Diversifying Tech Through Community with Sarah Adefehinti

In this thought-provoking episode, we sit down with Sarah, a pioneer in community building from Founders and Coders, to explore the nuanced distinctions between decentralized and centralized communities.

You will hear the transformative power of shared decision-making and equitable power distribution in fostering vibrant, sustainable communities.

Sarah shares her invaluable insights on crafting inclusive spaces that accommodate and celebrate diversity, ensuring that every voice is heard and influential.

This episode is helpful if you’re passionate about intentional community building and the delicate balance between equality and equity.

We also discuss the practicalities of launching and nurturing communities that thrive on collaboration, inclusivity, and co-creation in community spaces!

Episode Highlights to listen for:

– Introduction and overview of the episode’s focus on community building and power distribution.

– Sarah introduces herself and her role at Founders and Coders, highlighting her journey into decentralized community building.

– Deep dive into what decentralized communities mean and the importance of shared power.

– The challenges and strategies of starting community-centric initiatives like coworking spaces.

– Sarah’s approach to creating inclusive environments and the importance of selecting the right participants.

– Explaining the critical difference between equity and equality in community settings.

– Conducting effective user research to ensure community initiatives meet the needs of their members.

– The economic aspects of communities and how genuine community support differs from superficial engagement.

– Where to find Sarah online and information about Founders and Coders.

Links & Resources:

Founders and Coders Website 

Connect with Sarah Adefehinti on LinkedIn  

Space4 Co-opreative Coworking Finsbury Park

Rayon.Desgin tool 

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