Building Communities in Unlikely Spaces with Laura Agnew

In today’s episode, we chat with Laura Agnew from the Facework Group in Peckham, where she manages two unique coworking spaces.

Through affordability and community, Laura, Stephen and their team transform unconventional locations like a repurposed car park and a historic building into thriving hubs for diverse work and community use.

Tune in to discover how these spaces foster creativity and community in the ever-evolving world of work. 

Whether you’re a startup founder, a local activist or a creative freelancer, this discussion will give you a fresh perspective on modern coworking environments.

Timeline of Highlights

00:17 Laura introduces herself and discusses her role in managing affordable coworking spaces.

01:16 Laura shares her aspirations and her hopeful outlook on life.

03:52 Insights into the daily operations at Faceworks and the unique setup at Peckham Levels and Hatcham House.

06:04 Comparison between the coworking spaces at Peckham and the historical Hatcham House.

07:43 Discuss the impactful projects for refugees at Hatcham House.

12:17 Laura explains the Cowork Plus initiative and the importance of accessible coworking options.

15:27 The crucial role of hospitality in creating welcoming coworking environments.

18:18 Laura’s personal motivation is driven by community and social mobility.

24:06 Where to find Laura online and more details about upcoming events.

Links & Resources

– Visit the Facework website to learn more about their services and community initiatives.

– Connect with Laura Agnew on LinkedIn

London Coworking Assembly 

European Coworking Day 

– LinkedIn Coworking Group

Remember, fixing everything depends on our joint efforts, values, and strong communities – community is the key!! ????

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