Making The Sustainability Shift Tracy Wilson

We caught up with Tracy Wilson, a remarkable individual who is making waves in the coworking sphere and the sustainability movement.

Tracy, known for her deep commitment to reducing waste, particularly single-use plastics, through her work over 16 years with Pacific Workplaces and her nonprofit, “SUPER ” (Single-Use Plastic Elimination or Reduction), shares her journey from a consumer-driven lifestyle to a passionate advocate for environmental change.

We delve into the origins of coworking, its evolution, and how the industry can take charge of sustainability.

Tracy’s story powerfully reminds us of the impact of individual actions on the broader fight against climate change and waste.

Her work with SUPER Certification, which aims to demystify business operations, inspires coworking spaces and businesses alike to reconsider their environmental footprint.

Episode Highlights:

0:23 Tracy’s Introduction: Learn about Tracy’s impactful journey from consumerism to sustainability champion and how she’s influencing the coworking industry.

1:32 The Coworking Beginnings: Tracy reflects on her early exposure to coworking and its growth over the years, offering insights into the industry’s evolving identity.

4:13 Launching a Nonprofit: Discover the motivations behind Tracy’s leap into founding a nonprofit focused on eliminating single-use plastics and the challenges and opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

8:50 Community Engagement: Hear how Tracy engaged the coworking community to promote sustainability and the mixed responses she encountered.

12:50 The Power of Small Changes: Tracy emphasizes the significant impact of minor adjustments in daily operations on environmental sustainability.

17:18 Sustainable Practices in Coworking: Explore practical steps for integrating sustainability into coworking spaces, from furniture choices to waste reduction strategies.

Links & Resources:

Pacific Workplaces

SUPER Certification A nonprofit dedicated to helping businesses reduce their use of single-use plastics.

Tracy on LinkedIn

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