Renegades of Flow Episode 2

The Renegades of Flow: Navigating Work and Life Beyond the Mainstream

What do we mean by ‘renegades of flow?’ 

What is our journey through work and life beyond the conventional paths, and how do we navigate our neurodiversity in the hustle of the modern world? 

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or someone who just doesn’t fit the traditional 9-to-5 mould, this episode is a testament to the unconventional paths that lead to success and fulfilment.

1:05 Welcome to our world, where we introduce the ‘Renegades of Flow’ concept and discuss what it means to live and work on the fringes, embracing our unique strengths and quirks.

2:06 – Emily shares the definitions of being renegades in our fields, focusing on creativity, flow, and the importance of fitting out rather than fitting in.

5:44 The challenges and advantages of coworking spaces for people with neurodiversity highlight the need for environments that foster productivity and creativity.

10:38 Our candid recounting of last week’s chaos, where life threw us curveballs, and how we managed to keep the ship sailing, underscoring the value of having a solid partnership.

17:42 What tech and task management systems are in our workflow, and why is it crucial to adapt tools to fit individual needs rather than conform to a one-size-fits-all approach?

24:19 Why you must ‘kill your darlings’ in writing and business planning.

Links & Resources:

Scrum Methodology 

Getting Things Done – David Allen 

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Amy MacDonald – Let’s Start a Band 

Tom Ball – Founder Desk Lodge 


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Remember, fixing everything depends on our joint efforts, values, and strong communities – community is the key!! ????

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