#Coworking25: Celebrating 25 Years Of Coworking with Doris Schuppe

Discover the Beauty of Coworking with Doris Schuppe

Our guest, Doris, is a leader in the coworking community and cofounder of Rayaworx in Mallorca, Spain.

She is known for her expertise in communication and digital collaboration tools.

We asked Doris about her journey from Munich to Mallorca, where she created the lively Rayaworx coworking space.

Their space serves a community of people looking for #workation time.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to a special episode where we explore the transformative world of coworking with Doris Schuppe, a coworking space runner and digital collaboration enthusiast from Spain.

[01:21] Doris’s leap into coworking began in 2009, inspired by a desire for a dynamic working environment. Her journey from Munich to Majorca illustrates the power of coworking in creating community and fostering innovation.

[03:35] Discover how coworking spaces provide more than just a workplace; they’re incubators for serendipitous connections and collaborations.

[05:58] Learn about the inception of Doris’s coworking space in Majorca, a testament to the adaptability and support within the coworking community.

[10:07] Doris shares insights on the pivotal role of co-working in achieving work-life balance and the importance of being part of a community that values collaboration over competition.

[13:56] Celebrate 25 years of coworking with #Coworking25, Doris’ initiative to honour the legacy and future of coworking. Engage with stories from around the globe and contribute to the dialogue on the evolution of coworking.

Links & Resources:

– Coworking Origin Story: Dive into the roots of coworking and how it has evolved over the last 25 years.

– RayaWorx: Discover Doris’s coworking space in Majorca, a hub for creativity and collaboration.

– #Coworking25 Blog Carnival: Join the celebration and share your coworking story or insights.

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