Unveiling the Soul of Coworking with Iris Kavanaugh

Iris is an experienced community builder, leadership coach, trainer, and facilitator who shares her transformative insights on leadership, community building, and the fundamental human need for connection.

00:14 – Discover Iris Kavanaugh’s journey from NextSpace to becoming a beacon of inspiration for coworking space leaders.

02:02 – Iris illuminates the overlooked role of coworking spaces as pivotal community hubs and economic drivers.

03:50 – We ponder the existential question: Why do we pursue coworking, and how does it fulfil our intrinsic need for togetherness?

05:27 – Iris delves into coworking spaces’ biological and emotional benefits, highlighting their ability to heal societal fractures and promote unity.

06:25 – How a space design plays a crucial role in how we interact in our spaces.

07:13 – Challenging the hustle culture, we discuss the importance of nurturing environments over a grind mentality in coworking spaces.

08:44 – Iris shares her insights on co-working as a grassroots economic development engine, emphasizing its local and individual growth potential.

11:49 – Unpacking the secrets to fostering genuine connections and a thriving community within coworking spaces.

13:33 – This is a deep dive into designing psychologically safe spaces that unlock creativity and spark genuine collaboration.

19:13 – The delicate balance between hospitality and community ownership in coworking spaces and how to encourage member engagement without developing entitlement.

21:29 – Iris touches on the profound journey of self-discovery for coworking leaders and how understanding oneself enhances leadership and community building.

Links & Resources:

– NextSpace

– Women Who Cowork

– Coworking Alliance Summit

– Fento Coworking

– Leading Well from Within by Dr. Daniel Friedland

– European Coworking Assembly 

– London Coworking Assembly

– Iris on Linkedin

Remember, the strength of our communities lies in our collective efforts and shared values.

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