Renegades of Flow Episode 1

Welcome to our new series on the Coworking Values Podcast, where Emily and Bernie discuss productivity, resistance, and the transformative journey of work.

Known for her calm demeanour and ability to ground any situation, Emily shares her vision of helping people navigate through their work-related struggles, transforming the whirlwind of their daily tasks into a manageable breeze. 

Emily and Bernie share why they chose “Renegades of Flow,” a term that encapsulates a quest for better work habits and the pursuit of aligning the metaphorical “team of horses” in our minds to achieve our goals more effectively.

00:00 Welcome to the new series, in which we introduce the theme “Renegate of Flow” with Emily, which focuses on enhancing work habits and productivity.

02:47- The genesis of “Renegades of Flow” and the journey from individual scrum mastery to tackling workflow challenges together.

05:11 – Discussing the concept of existential overhead, the emotional weight of pending tasks, and strategies to minimise its impact on our productivity.

08:33 – Emily shares insights on dealing with resistance, describing it as strength misapplied and the importance of self-compassion in overcoming creative blocks.

14:14 – The spectrum of resistance, from fear of failure to fear of success, and how to harness this energy positively.

18:00 – Strategies for disarming the critical voice and the transformative power of acknowledging and sharing our inner doubts.

20:27 – The role of structure and tools like Kanban boards in managing workflow and the significance of differentiating valuable ideas from distractions.

22:13 – Find out how to share your workflow struggles and successes, emphasizing the importance of community engagement and real-life problem-solving in upcoming episodes.

Reading list

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity – David Allen

Scrum: The art of doing twice the work in half the time – Jeff Sutherland 

As we embark on this journey together, I invite you to engage with us and share your challenges.

Together, let’s navigate the path to more fulfilling and effective work habits.

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