Crafting Remote Coworking Communities with Matthias Zeitler

Welcome to another episode of Coworking Values Podcast: Community is the Key series co-created by Salto –  bringing you the latest on innovative thinking and advanced mobile-based access control technology for keyless buildings.

In this episode, we dive deep into the heart of coworking communities with the legendary Mattias from Coworking Bansko. 

Known for creating one of Europe’s best-loved digital nomad hubs nestled in a picturesque mountain resort, Mattias shares his insights on what truly makes a community thrive. 

Whether you’re a coworking space owner or a digital nomad seeking your tribe, this conversation sheds light on the essence of meaningful connections and how to cultivate them.

Episode Highlights:

0:27 The Spirit of Coworking Bansko: Discover how this digital nomad hub became a beacon for community-driven individuals seeking more than just a workspace.

1:14 Community at the Core: Mattias emphasises the role of community in coworking spaces, especially in rural settings where external distractions are minimal.

2:23 Beyond the Desk: Learn how Coworking Bansko fosters genuine human connections, transforming the coworking experience into something far more valuable than physical amenities.

4:47 Ecosystem Evolution: Mattias discusses creating a comprehensive experience for members through partnerships with local businesses, events, and initiatives tailored to the community’s needs.

5:59 Engagement and Feedback: The importance of direct communication and observation in understanding and meeting the needs of your community.

9:18 Foundational Community Building: Insights on the crucial role of aligning a coworking space’s vision with its community’s desires and the significance of being an integral part of that community.

11:13 Building Connections: Strategies for encouraging interaction and bonding among members, from communal meals to collaborative events.

15:56 Sustaining Vibrancy: How Coworking Bansko maintains its dynamic energy and culture despite the transient nature of its members.

18:39 Digital and Physical Community Integration: Using online tools to complement face-to-face interactions that form the backbone of the Coworking Bansko community.

21:11 Future Visions: Mattias unveils Coliving Semkovo, a comprehensive, all-in-one coworking and coliving space designed to recapture and amplify the magic of community.

Where to find Matthias Zeitler

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Coliving Semkovo 

Coworking Bansko

Matthias, in 60 seconds – Do you do enough marketing for your coworking or co-living space? 

Remember, the strength of our communities lies in our collective efforts and shared values. 

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