Cowo & Crèche’s Impactful Story:The Intersection of Work and Parenthood

Welcome back for another episode of the Coworking Values: Visionaries series, created in collaboration with andcards, coworking space management software that streamlines the management and use of flexible workspaces.

In this episode, we have Shamena Nurse-Kingsley, founder of Cowo&Crèche, a coworking space in Alexandria, Virginia that’s specifically designed for parents and women. 

This coworking space is all about supporting parents and women. Shamena shares her journey into coworking, which was inspired by the challenges she faced as a working mom during the pandemic.

Drawing on her military background, Shamena talks about how her experiences in the military gave her the courage to become an entrepreneur. 

She also opens up about the struggles working moms face and the importance of setting boundaries for a healthy work-life balance.

Shamena’s joy in being involved in her kids’ milestones led her to create Cowo&Crèche as a solution for working parents who want to balance their careers and family lives. 

She emphasizes the importance of addressing real issues and follows her faith and intuition in her entrepreneurial journey.

This shows how coworking spaces can make a positive impact on parents and women navigating work and family.

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