New Aging In Community: Exploring The Future Of Coworking Spaces

Welcome to another episode of Coworking Values Podcast: Community is the Key series co-created by Salto –  bringing you the latest on innovative thinking and advanced mobile-based access control technology for keyless buildings.

In this episode, we have Matthias Hollwich, the architect extraordinaire who creates spaces that are way more than just buildings. He is the Founder and Principal of HWKN Architecture

The heart of the conversation is all about why community is like the secret sauce for an amazing life, especially as we get older. Matthias drops some serious knowledge on how designing spaces for an aging crowd is all about the details. It’s like setting the stage for a great party, but a life party. Think nailing the acoustics and creating an inclusive environment.

He also dives into how COVID-19 messed with our social connections and how artificial intelligence could help us foster real connections, especially in big cities where the hustle and bustle can make it hard to connect with others.

Matthias’s book, “New Aging: Live Smarter Now to Live Better Forever,”  started as a cool project at the University of Pennsylvania. It was all about finding fresh and creative solutions for aging, breaking the mold, and thinking outside the box.

Matthias wraps it all up with some seriously cool thoughts on aging being this epic adventure, and why planning for it early on is like having a superpower. The takeaway? Life’s a journey, and you need to design it right for the best experience.

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