Small Groups, Big Changes: Impact On Coworking Conversations

In this episode of the Coworking Values Podcast with our co-creator Rayon Design – unveiling tools for ordinary architecture, embracing collaboration, speed, and openness for a new design culture.

We have Peter Block the founder of Designed Learning. Peter talks about importance of creating meaningful conversations among coworkers and how rearranging physical spaces can promote social interactions. 

He also delves on how he sees coworking spaces as more than just places to work, but as platforms for connecting with others. They’re like hubs for bringing people together. They talk about the challenges of getting people to talk to each other and how rearranging the space can help. 

They also shares some stories about events that brought people together and how language can make a big difference. Coworking spaces can make a big impact on rural areas and local communities, according to him. 

Peter believes that asking meaningful questions, using the right words can really change things and  language plays a role in creating a positive and collaborative environment in coworking spaces.

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