Shazia and David – Through the Pandemic Downturn

Hello folks! Welcome to another swell podcast with me Bernie and Zeljko, your Coworking Values podcast hosts.  We are here with Shazia Mustafa, founder of Third Door and David Randall of Maple Works

Shazia is the co-founder of Third Door, a coworking space with a nursery.  She believes that family and work can grow together. David is part of Mind Works, an assembly of individuals that provides workshops and seminars for their community. 

We are going to be talking about how they are dealing with the downturn that the current pandemic has on every business all over the world. And about how the local government hasn’t recognized the importance of the Coworking industry and how it is affecting the community in terms of relief/support. And how optimistic they are, even amidst all these, that the coworking community can be and will emerge bigger and better through this pandemic.

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