Johanna and Hector – Crisis Directory

Another Podcast is up! We are here with Johanna Voll from Germany and Hector Kosanas from the USA who are going to tell us all about their new project: The Crisis Directory. 

They will be diving into how the Crisis Directory will help the coworking community not just in this current crisis but for coming crises as well and what kind of resources are available for everyone in the coworking industry. They will also be talking about how this current project of theirs is available globally for the whole coworking community.

What is the Crisis Directory?

The crisis directory is an online resource, just like the Coworking Library. Here you can share any resource that has helped you and your business in this crisis, and find resources that have helped other people. 

You can filter by language or by location, and find out the things that might be helpful to you that you may not find through your daily scan through the Facebook timeline, or that just get lost there somewhere. 

We wanted to build a place online where you can find all those resources that really helped you and others.

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