Creative States: Coworking with Heart, Home, and Inspiration

We’re happy to have you back for another episode of the Coworking Values: Visionaries series, created in collaboration with andcards, coworking space management software that streamlines the management and use of flexible workspaces.

Today, we have the pleasure of chatting with Ilia Kenigshtein, the founder and CEO of Creative States, a network of coworking spaces in Ukraine.

We’ll be exploring their mission and accomplishments.

Let’s shine a spotlight on Ilia, the driving force behind Creative States. They’re making waves with their unique coworking spaces in Ukraine.

Creative States goes beyond the traditional workspace. They create a strong sense of community, comfort, and social impact. Managing coworking spaces in a country dealing with a pandemic and war is challenging, but Creative States maintains a high occupancy rate.

In this episode of the Coworking Values Podcast, we examine how Creative States’ “fantasy land” concept serves as a powerful form of resistance and community-building during the Russian invasion.

These coworking spaces provide more than just shelter; they stand as a symbol of unyielding courage and unity, aiming to preserve a sense of normalcy and the continuous drive for creative expression even in the midst of war.

They even have child-friendly coworking spaces where parents can bring their kids and access educational support.

Starting a business in a region with fewer regulations may have its challenges, but there are also opportunities. We’ll dive into that.

Looking ahead, Ilia envisions expanding Creative States into Europe and beyond. Our conversation with Ilia reveals Creative States’ mission to create a haven within co-working. It’s a place where normalcy and freedom shine, even in the face of adversity.

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