Claudius Krucker: European Coworking Day 2023

In this episode, we have Claudius Krucker, Initiator and Network Builder of the European Coworking Day. He is also known as the Coworking Evangelist and one of the faces behind the European Coworking Assembly.

In 2015, Claudius had his own coworking space and drafted the statutes, and founded the board of Coworking Switzerland. Since then, the organisation has grown to nearly 200 coworking spaces in all regions of Switzerland.

The Coworking Switzerland manifesto emphasizes collaboration over competition, participation over observation, doing over saying friendship over formality, boldness over assurance, learning over expertise, people over personalities, and flexibility.

The idea of European coworking began when Claudius participated in the international coworking day last year.

Tune in as Bernie and Claudius talk about how European Coworking Day is creating a great way to raise awareness of the value of coworking for businesses and their local communities.



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