Less Fear, More Love in ololo

In this episode, we have Jose Antonio Morales with Daniar Amanaliev, Band Master of ololo group of Companies in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

ololo is a future city in the making for digital nomads. And they believe that we should live in Less Fear and More Love. Started with his Daniar’s love for music and the energy that learning about it brings – he, his mentor, his wife and other like-mined individuals – decided to open a space that can bring that kind of energy where people can learn and express themselves. They believe that the growth of the country’s creative economy and creative class will help to its development.

Tune in and learn how they started, the history of the name ololo, their challenges, and how they aim to be a creative hub that provides a safe space for every digital nomad.  Get to know how they are also making waves in their community by launching projects that focus on the creative economy, believing there will be a boost to the country’s development through the development of the creative economy.

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