Simone Franke and Vika Zhurbas on Coworking Nativo

We are joined by Simone Franke the‘s Chief Community Officer and Founder and CEO of Pappus and Vika Zhurbas, President of the Ukrainian Coworking Association and Project manager at Workcloud24 to shed some light on the upcoming Coworking Nativo happening on the 7th of October 2022 at 11:00 – 20:00 WEST.

About the Coworking Nativo

The theme is called native coworking. It’s for everyone who is genuinely interested in the topic of coworking but also about how to open the term and coming together as humans. Both coworking and coliving speakers joining the event to share their stories. 

since we didn’t have so many gatherings in person, it’s a very nice opportunity to join an event that is actually built by the people and not an event that makes the people. 

Let’s come together. Let’s be social. Let’s get to know each other, our skills, our dreams, and our future all in a day program.

The Agenda

The plan is to have two more closer coworking sessions. Where the important topics such as security will be discussed, but also the energy crisis and how to build one thing together as a collective, and how to be more inclusive, how to deal with the coliving movement and what we could learn from each other. 

There will be day time agenda and also the evening discussion, where business speakers from coworking and coliving will be asked to share how they’re doing it. And to share it with people who will be joining from Portugal but also people outside of Portugal. 

Collective coworking and coliving

The theme of the event is called native coworking because in the end, it’s about the people and about the network and not the nationality you have. Finding people from various parts of the world doing coworking was a very big surprise and also a call to go on the lookout for other people that are, for example sitting in Montenegro and Serbia and Slovenia that have beautiful places there. 

Children and coworking

People are already interested in the event and asking can they bring kids. Coworking and coliving are also about family, where you can go work even with your kids. Not all spaces have it. For the event, it also will be an option to have the opportunity to bring kids to find themselves interesting things to do, and for the older kids to maybe even listen to the program. Because uniting and introducing kids to adult life is also part of coworking and coliving philosophy. 

Get involved

Everyone can reach out to Simone and Vika directly. Especially if you’re from an area like close to them. If you wish to join the event as a guest, or as a speaker, or as a partner, please don’t hesitate to contact Simone or Vika because it’s not something just three or four of them are creating and it can be changed. If you want to change or add something, it’s free to be done.

If you wish to listen to the full episode, visit Coworking Navito

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