Coworking Alliance 2022: Bringing Together Cooperative Coworking Leaders

Written by: Gugu Mthimkhulu

The annual Coworking Alliance Summit is looming and the coworking community has a lot to look forward to. Giving more insight on the ins and outs of the upcoming summit, we have Ashley Proctor of Creative Blueprint and Hector Kolonas of Syncaroo who are both co-producing the yearly event. 

The pair also give some insight about the power of collaboration and how the Coworking Alliance Summit is fostering a safe space for needful conversations in coworking.

The Coworking Alliance Summit – who should attend?

Getting a group of people in any industry together is important. The summit was created for people who are either running or trying to reactivate a quiet alliance that they have been running for a while. 

It’s also for people who are thinking about building new coworking alliances, people who are in a town and looking to start a coworking alliance in their area. And people who are in coworking related alliances are encouraged to attend as well. 

If you’ve never attended the event before, the summit is a participatory experience. Attendees break out into different sessions like an unconference format. The attendees vote on the sessions that they’d like to attend and that way they can customise and choose their own experience of the summit. And pick what would most benefit their alliance.

It helps to bring multiple alliance members as well, because you can split up and each attend different events and then bring back the information to your alliance and alliance members. 

Collaboration in coworking

Starting from 2021, the coworking industry started seeing lobbying efforts and co-marketing campaigns being run on behalf of groups of coworking spaces and groups of shared and flexible operators. They are doing this to change the narrative that it’s either work from home or work from the office, but there is space that is a big part of the coworking world. 

Coworking Alliance Summit 2022 – collaboration over competition

A lot of people claim collaboration over competition. But, the people in the alliances who are collaborating across different regions within their region and with their neighbours are direct competitors. Those are people who are living that statement, and there’s a lot to be learned from them. This is what is exciting about bringing those people together. 

The summit is three hours long. There is a wind down happy hour afterwards. The three hours are broken up into different sessions. 

So, if you can’t make the whole event, it makes sense to attend the introduction event so you have an idea of how the day will flow. After that you can decide which sessions to attend and vote for your favourites. Then you can choose to attend the sessions that are of most interest to you. 

The Coworking Alliance Summit kicks off on 16th of February 2022.. Secure your ticket today to be part of this life-changing experience.

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