60 Days Until the Sixth Annual European Freelancers Week

What is EFWeek?

We are excited to announce that our sixth annual European Freelancers Week (EFWeek) is just 62 days away from kicking off. This year’s EFWeek has been seen as the largest annual celebration of the independent workforce, showing millions of Europeans the benefits of the freelance economy and allowing them to discover it through a community.

EFWeek can help freelancers find their voices and host events to stand up for what they believe in. By registering your event with EFWeek and inviting your community to attend your event – we can help you to stand up, show up and speak up. These events are focussed on bringing together the freelance community so that similar experiences can be shared and discussed through the EFWeek platform in the form of events. 

Collective action

The third week of October marks the start of the EFWeek! And for the second time the EFWeek will be an online event that will take place over the span of a week. The beauty of this is that anyone from anywhere in the world can join the movement. The celebration will centre around Europe’s independent workforce and the event will be focused on the theme: ‘It is Time For Collective Action’ with the focus on freelancers standing up, speaking up and showing up!

“Because of the nature of work in recent times,” says Jeannine van der Linden – director at the European Coworking Assembly – “and how tough the economic situation has become, freelancers of Europe need to know the value that they bring to the economy and just how valuable they are.” Freelancers need to pull together for collective action so that their voices can be noticed and that their working conditions improve. The only way we will be heard is if we collectively make enough noise until people listen. 

This year more than ever we are collectively working together and it is an inspiration to work with the leadership of Elina Jutelyte founder of  Freelance Business Community and Freelance Business Month, Ed Goodman of Freelance Heroes, and Robert Vlach of Freelancing.eu, and so many more, working towards a common goal for freelancers in Europe. 

“Collaborating with EFWeek,” says Jutelyte, “has opened so many doors for both of our organisations. What allows us to work together is our drive to enhance the freelance community and ensure that the community strives. We also want to see the community find their voices.”

Keep an eye on the EFWeek website for more information on events, speaker slots and activities. Also follow #EFWeek on all social media platforms so that you can keep up to date with what we are doing.

Sneak peeks 

Welcome to the super-secret corner of EFWeek, this is where we will give you a sneak peek into what is to come for future events. Don’t worry! You can still sign up to host your own event. 

Collaborating with Freelance Business Month run by Jutelyte,  gives freelancers the opportunity to connect with other freelancers, freelance economy products and service suppliers and hiring organisations. She also helps businesses to transition with their events whether they are online or live. She believes in embracing the potential of technologies to connect people, communicate and enjoy each other’s presence. 

“Creating a community,” Jutelyte says “is no easy task, it takes a lot of work. Luckily, freelancers are no strangers to working hard. That is why Freelance Business Month decided to team up with EFWeek to ensure that the freelance community is aware of their rights. We also teamed up to bring to the community a powerful way of expressing themselves and letting them know that they are not alone.” 

Sponsorship opportunities

We’re looking for freelancer-friendly businesses to come on board as our sponsors. The contributions we receive will be used to pay for website and content development, marketing materials, online and offline promotion, dedicated media coverage, and communication toolkits. There are different packages that you can choose from, visit our website to see how you can contribute. 

When you decide to become a sponsor, you will receive website branding from our online team as well as a mention in our newsletter with a link to your profile. We will create social media posts for you and you will receive a press kit mention. On our online platforms, we will create blog posts for you as well as posters and postcards for the opening event. You will receive the opportunity to speak at our kick-off event on the 18th of October. There are many more benefits to sponsoring an event, go check them out!

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