It is Time to Take Action with the 6th Annual #EFWeek

#EFWeek, the largest annual celebration of freelancers in Europe, will kick off once more in October 2021! European Freelancers Week (#EFWeek), organised by the European Coworking Assembly, is a movement where freelancers and independent workers have a chance to host events surrounding the theme for that year . 

During the last year, 2020, millions of people worked as independent expert professionals in Europe driving the need for greater awareness of  and support for freelancers in Europe.

One of the latest reports by MALT Community shows that freelancers in Europe work around 43 hours per week, which is more than the average contracted employee. Around 63% of the Malt Community agreed that negotiating prices with their clients is one of their daily challenges  – many times putting freelancers at financial risk.  Freelancers also make a significant contribution to the economy and workforce development in Europe and concerns pertaining to freelancers urgently need to move onto the agenda for collective action.

That is why, in 2021, #EFWeek is focused on recognition and community building — providing freelancers the opportunity to come together and voice issues close to them.

Says Elina Jutelyte, founder of Freelance Business Community: ”#EFWeek is a very important initiative for any freelancer, freelance organisation, freelance community and anyone involved in the freelance ecosystem. It is the place to demonstrate the growing potential and the future of the freelance economy as well as to discuss the issues that freelancers are facing across Europe. “

Mark your calendar: 18 – 24 October 2021

The third week of October marks the start of the #EFWeek! And for the second time the #EFWeek will be a digital event that will take place over the span of a week. The  celebration will centre around Europe’s independent workforce. The event will be focused on the theme: “It is Time For Collective Action” with the focus on freelancers standing up, speaking up and showing up!

“Now more than ever freelancers need to pull together, it has been made very clear that no one is coming to save us so we will have to save ourselves. It is time for freelancers to speak out and take collective action.  This year more than ever we are collectively working together and it is an inspiration to work with Elina Jutelyte of Freelance Business Community, and it is also wonderful to see the leadership of Ed Goodman of Freelance Heroes, Robert Vlach of, Nadi El Imam  at Edgeryders, and so many more, working towards a common goal for freelancers in Europe,” says Jeannine van der Linden, director at the European Coworking Assembly.

Keep an eye on the #EFWeek website for more information on events, speaker slots and activities.

Join the #EFWeek movement

Join us today! As a freelancer or independent working force, we understand how hard it is to let your voice be heard. That is why #EFWeek has opened their submissions so that you can present your own event or attend an event! Submit your application to host your digital event. With our platform you can reach many people just like you!

We will make a downloadable communication toolkit with simple how-to instructions as well as the official logos, graphic templates, photos, and press releases for distribution available to you. There is also the opportunity to become a sponsor either in cash or kind.

Visit the #EFWeek website now to find out more! 

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