Uninterrupted Productivity

When was the last time you enjoyed a period of uninterrupted productivity? 

In Cal Newport’s book, Deep Work, he speaks about it as being able to consistently create the conditions for you to work in a focused manner for an extended period of time.

Not so long ago we could schedule a work session in a local coworking space, now the world is changing in ways we never imagined and sharing a space to work is not so easy any more. The very idea of a shared office makes some nervous, and there were always people who found open-plan working spaces too distracting.

What can coworking spaces do right now to help coworkers relax, focus, and get down to work?

And what can freelancers do in a coworking space to improve their productivity?

We hear from Karen Bamford from Signify and David O’Coimin from Nook Wellness Pods as they share insights gained in their own research and workflows as well as techniques they have learned along the way while developing their own careers and products.

If you’ve been to one of the European Coworking Conferences over the last few years you will have seen and experienced the Nook Wellness Pods in action. 

Nook Huddle spaces provide a quiet space to concentrate in a chaotic world and enable workspaces to add in a hygienic and secure space without any building changes, permitting, noise, or construction mess.

As more people start to work remotely and look for workspaces near their homes the demand for a reliable and secure connection is rising. Those in IT and the security sectors as well as people who are privacy conscious are particularly alert to the dangers of badly managed WiFi in shared spaces. Data over light instead of radio waves offers a solution. Trulifi by Signify offers fast, reliable and secure network connections.  

Meanwhile, uninterrupted video calls are essential for the new army of remote workers, but can be so hard to guarantee. Along with creatives working on video or audio files, creating YouTube or OnlyFans experiences, editing or animating will also find Trulifi a rock-solid and attractive addition to their coworking space.

So what is uninterrupted productivity?

Picture stepping into a library-like quiet space with integrated Trulifi knowing you’ll be able to have your own secure connection to run video calls, record podcasts and move files around fast online over a secure connection. 

Imagine your shared space could offer an environment where coworkers can knuckle down for uninterrupted productivity, by appointment.

Join our discussion this Friday, October 23rd at 13:30 – 14:15 UTC+2, and share your insight with Karen and David. Click here to register.

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