Tash Thomas – A freelancer for life

For some, the freelancing world is a new profession, a career filled with so many unknowns. It’s an unpredictable landscape that requires you to be agile, fast thinking, problem solving and positive.  

Freelancing as a career choice.

Freelancing has been Tash Thomas’ career choice since day one. She’s a trained performer taking to the stage and mic, but also is passionate about tech, content creation and tacking lifestyle topics. 

For Tash, freelancing is a 24/7/356 day job. She’s no stranger to the challenges it brings with it – as a performer plans can change on the whim, but it’s about pushing forward to the next opportunity. 

Tash loves that with freelancing her income is unlimited, so to the flexibility she enjoys. She’s learnt that resilience and the ability to adapt quickly to change are some of the key attributes to navigate the uncertainties. Tash has grown up seeing these practices first hand and has a great example in her father who has also been a freelancer all his life. 

No doubt there are people who are just naturally more inclined to thrive in the uniqueness that freelancing offers and the natural skill set needed with this lifestyle. It’s a choice to be always on demand and available.  

Although the entertainment industry has had its fair share of damage due to the dreaded ‘c-word’ in 2020, Tash’s other passions also include technology and content creation. 

Including a project that is very close to her heart, the blogging and podcasting platform that started as a hobby and now is a vital support tool for the LGBTQ community.  

Breaking the Distance to Breaking the Stigma

Breaking the Distance started as a way of sharing a long distance relationship between Tash in London, and her now fiancé Marthe in Amsterdam, but quickly filled the need to add to the growing conversation within the community. Now living together in London, the couple continues to share their experiences and journey. 

In June this year, (in honour of Pride month) Tash and Marthe launched a campaign called Breaking the Stigma, where they created numerous platforms to host discussions, ask questions and share stories about identity, values and experiences. With Tash’s diverse background as an biracial woman involved in an interracial relationship, she feels particularly centred within the very topical conversations happening in our society at the moment. 

This has led Tash down a new road as the director of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion at the European Coworking Assembly, where she’s tasked with the job of creating a handbook for coworking spaces. This first-of-its-kind guide will show coworking spaces how they can become more diverse, while also offering some of the workplace protections that freelancers deserve too. 

The result of this handbook is to create a coworking world that is diverse, equal, inclusive and therefore more collaborative.

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