Ed Goodman – The Nuances of the Freelance World

Hello gals and guys! We are here in another podcast, with our guest Ed Goodman. A man that is close to our hearts in every discipline. He is the founder of Freelance Heroes, a community for freelancers across the industries in the UK.

In this podcast we talk about what freelancing means and all the nuances that come with use of the word. Is it fully recognized by the government? How do you register? And Ed also talks about how the freelancing community is faring against the Covid19 crisis.

What is Ed’s prognosis on the current crisis for the Freelancers?

So, for me, it’s it kind of — the analogy that I fit with this is like nuclear fallout, the speed of which the developments and changes of our lives, in all aspects, happens so quickly that we’re all up in arms, about how we manage our family, how we manage our work, how we manage our finances, and slowly I think that’s starting to settle down.

And for some people, it’s settling quicker than others. And actually, there are many businesses who are being incredibly affected, unaffected, or at least they’re transitioning to different aspects of their work. 

For me as a trainer — a  lot of my training is now being delivered online as opposed to face to face. And I’m not seeing a dramatic, albeit slightly below dramatic downturn in training. Yet, although I suspect that may change, of course, as clients themselves battle with their own budgets. But the main challenge from that we’re seeing is, on one hand, businesses are continuing to thrive and succeed. And that’s fantastic. And long may that continue. 

And there’s a need there for actually, because of this work, some businesses are looking certainly for freelancers and looking for support from other freelancers to help them, which is great, because, on the other side, many freelancers are fine, they’re losing work, the contracts being cancelled, that work has already been done, is not being paid for now, that in itself is a whole debate around people paying their suppliers quickly enough in the first place. But now, it’s almost like I haven’t got the money to pay, it’s just not gonna happen.

So freelancers are not only, you know, kind of budgeting for work that they’ve done, but they’re not resting. Even that income and also now not receiving any future income because contracts are being pulled, some freelancers are able to diversify and find ways of attracting new income, some freelancers are struggling to make that point as well.

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