Stephanie Brisson – How Coworking Answers a Need and Builds a Community Within

Another Podcast is up! And this time we have Stephanie Brisson of TechSpace Berlin with us. 

And we’ll be talking about how coworking accommodates and prepare for the spaces their client needs and their contingency plans for growth from startups and scaleup enterprises.

In this podcast, Stephanie also tells us about the in and outs of managing coworking and the community they build within these coworking spaces. And how building a community within these coworking spaces have worked out so far. 

What does she think about that?

Stephanie says: “It’s a guess but at the same time it’s also something that we think will work and we tested, and I keep saying this over and over again you need to have an idea figure it out, know what you want. Do it, learn from it and then do it again. 

Maybe in the same way because it was super successful or tweak it or kill it. If it doesn’t work. And I think because we’re surrounded by those scale-ups that are always iterating on their ideas and doing it every you know so often so quickly and we get inspired by that and use that same methodology.”

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