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In this episode, Željko interviews one of the pillars of European coworking, Alex Ahom.

In this podcast, they chat about beginnings, endings, burnt out and the ‘business of work.’ Alex shares about moving to Germany seven years ago, he had to learn to connect and meet up with people. 

How he found people who had a problem and the solution turned out to be coworking. 

How did he do this?

Alex says:

“So I started to reach out to different entrepreneurs, different kinds of people, different people in the area, to speak about work had worked in recruitment. 

Before Apple, I’ve worked in marketing and media. So I reached out to media types, recruiters, marketeers people in tech companies and startups. 

And I would find that many of them weren’t happy with their job. 

They were unhappy with their career progression. 

They weren’t satisfied with their boss with their life. 

So they didn’t have the right place to work. 

They weren’t part of a community. 

They didn’t feel fulfilment from what they did. 

And that struck me because I’ve always had those things. 

I’ve always had friends at work. 

I’ve always had people around me that say, well, you should go into this or that, and if you ever did, we would support you. 

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