Marc Navarro – Connecting the Local Community

We recorded this podcast with Marc Navarro at Coworking Europe in Warsaw 2019.

Mark is a well-known consultant and friend to the coworking industy in Europe.

He also runs the Coworking Academy at the C U Asia conference and is head of content for the long-running annual Coworking Spain conference. 

We talk about how a coworking can connect with the local area and Marc shares how his team did this in a space in Barcelona in 2013. 

We also talk about the role of conferences for the coworking industry and how the quality and helpfulness of the content presented is more important than ever. 

We asked Marc to share his strict plan for ensuring that speakers at Coworking Spain have great talks and slides; also, the effort he puts into making there is an equal balance of male to female speakers. 

You can get tickets to all the conferences mentioned in this podcast here

Coworking Spain 2020 

CU Asia 

Coworking & Coliving Conference 

Coworking Europe Vienna 2020

Marc online

Marc’s Website




(Marc ‘doesn’t do’ Facebook.)

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