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Startup Europe

EU commission

Startup Europe is a Digital Agenda initiative supported by European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes promoting ICT and web entrepreneurs to start their business in Europe and to let them flourish in Europe.

Coworking has been identified as a major component of this ecosystem to drive innovation in Europe.

Coworking Assembly


Startup Europe Coworking Assembly is driven by representatives of several coworking spaces and networks of coworking spaces in Europe.


It works as a think tank and as an active promoter of coworking in Europe.

Who are we

Coworking EU

Coworking Europe Assembly is a network of European Coworking spaces that aims to support the emergence of Coworking as the driver of entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystems in all European localities.

According to the latest surveys, there are 1600 coworking spaces in Europe, this number doubles every year.