We have a dream. A 15-Minute City Dream.

In September, we discuss a hot topic in #FutureofWorkandLife.

Before 2020, one of the most historic years of all-time dawned, there were numerous discussions taking place about reviving local communities, lowering our carbon footprint, and the hours wasted on public transport. Now the Coronavirus has magnified these issues.


How does it work?


Cue, the 15-minute City…

This concept developed in Paris by Professor Carlos Moreno, is an ideal where work, home, shops, entertainment, education and healthcare – is available within a 15-minute radius for communities.

Already adopted in Rue de Rivoli in Paris, and a topic of conversation becoming more popular around Europe.

The idea of decentralizing essential services provides a major kick-start to local economies where small businesses thrive and the communities support one another.

It encourages walking and biking, promoting sustainability and a healthier lifestyle. 

15-minute City empowers people to have better control over their time reducing the frantic commute into the city, and now, also over their health by avoiding crowds and exposed public places.

COVID-19 healthcare experts are calling on people to adapt to these habits to slow the spread of the virus that at this stage has no cure.


What does that mean for coworking?


With this vision in mind, the European Coworking Assembly is excited at the opportunity for shared workspaces and coworking hubs to become the next central community point.

The thought of dozens of collaboration hubs springing to life across Europe, bringing individuals from all walks of life together, is an opportunity to start workshopping the #FutureofWorkandLife.


Be part of the discussion


To start this conversation off, Laëtitia Vitaud, from publication Welcome to the Jungle and Antonin Yuji Maeno, co-founder of Le Co-Work in Paris, will host a wildly interactive discussion.

Invite your friends, colleagues and family to be part of the conversation taking place in September. 

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COVID-19 has shifted mind-sets and given a new sense of urgency to radically transform public spaces into the 15-minute City – join us in bringing this vision about.

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