The Coworking Crew

The Coworking Crew

The Coworking Crew is everybody who has worked with us or is working with us to carry out the initiatives, projects, and events of the Assembly.

Some folks are here every week, some folks are here for particular initiatives.  Some are in cash and some are in kind, all are the European Coworking Assembly

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The Core Crew


Coworking Library

The German Coworking Federation




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Project crew

Copass & OneTapp app: CWE party 2017

European Coworking Researchers & RGCS Amsterdam: Researcher’s Meetup 2018

Seats2Meet: EFWeek, CWE party 2017 & 2018

#AXSChat: The Coworking Values Podcast

Linkilaw: GDPR and Coworking, The Hero’s Journey

GCUC UK: Inclusion, Diversity, and Coworking event, Huckletree West 2018

European Freelancers Week

The Croatian Independent Professionals Association (CIPA) & Coworking Croatia: #lovematija  the Coworking Visa map

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