Rules and Regulations

First of all: be nice.

Our mission statement and who we are are in our homepage.

The main legal body of the European Coworking Assembly are its Statutes.

Our working language is English.

The governing body is the Board and is elected by the General Assembly every two years.

Our ordinary General Assembly and Annual Member Assembly meetings are held yearly in the same place and days as Coworking Europe Conference if possible. Full and Associate Members that are up to date on their fees can participate respectively.

Where possible, we will allow for electronic participation.

There are two types of membership:

  • Full members: who participate in General Assembly (GA) with full voting rights as long as they have paid their membership fees and they are not suspended. They must participate actively in at least one working group per year.
  • Associate Members : who participate in the Member Assembly, can participate in working groups and can be members of the board if elected as long as they have paid their membership fees and they are not suspended.

The process of admission is detailed in the application page.

The rules above are a resume of the Statutes and of the decisions taken by the General Assembly. The are to be included in the following documents to be drafted and approved:

  • Charter: with the ethical engagements of the association and its members towards each other, their clients and society. It includes the definition of coworking.
  • Rules of Procedure: internal rules of the assembly.

The association has its headquarters in Belgium and is under Belgian law. Legal disputes will be settled in the French speaking tribunals of Brussels.