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Jeannine van der Linden, is founder and manager, chief cook and bottle washer of de Kamer, a network of coworking spaces in the Netherlands. She is Managing Partner of, a global movement dedicated to the values of Collaboration, Openness, Community, Accessibility, and Sustainability in shared workplaces.
A resident of two nations and a southerner in both, Jeannine can usually be found in Oosterhout, The Netherlands and/or in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
In the United States, she is a recovering lawyer (inactive) and consults with other lawyers on Civil Appeals, Civil Litigation, Contract Review, and Litigation Prevention. That means she knows a lot about how to sue folks, how to prevent folks from hiring somebody like her, and what to do if somebody already did.

Alex AhomSquare selfie
Alex Ahom is a Brit who moved to Germany in 2013. He founded Shhared, a coworking space for personal and professional growth in Hamburg a year later. His diverse background in advertising, education and media took him on a journey from a family recruitment business to Apple, one of the world’s largest companies. His passion for personal development, small/medium sized business and positive change inspired him to develop his new relationships into a community and coworking space. “What I enjoy the most about my role is, I get to be really involved in empowering creators, innovators and influencers to develop their potential ideas into successful realities. My personal vision is grow Shhared from a small independent project, to an international platform where thousands of ladies and gentlemen can be happy and successful. At the same time, I’m super excited to help the Assembly move on to the next level.”

Ramon Suarez
RamonRamon Suarez is the founder of the Betacowork coworking space in Brussels, a hub for entrepreneurs and professionals. Based on this experience he has written The Coworking Handbook, the first ever manual to open and run a coworking space. Ramon actively promotes tech startups in Belgium via Betagroup, and the Global Entrepreneurship Week. He speaks regularly at international conferences, namely about coworking and tech entrepreneurship.

Stefania ScognamiglioStefania Scognamiglio
Stefania stepped foot in the coworking environment in 2012, when she moved from Italy to Belgium to learn how to run a coworking space, in the framework of the European exchange programme for young entrepreneurs. She became the host of Betacowork, thriving space in Brussels, and since then she has been taking care of the community and event management of the coworking space, learning and experimenting new ways to foster collaboration and synergies among coworkers.

Anis Bedda
Anis-Bedda-Coworking-Europe-Conference-2012Anis Bedda is the cofounder and transformer in chief of transforma bxl, a coworking & innovation space in Brussels, Belgium. He organises the Intrapreneurship Conference, a yearly international event on how to generate innovation in corporations while tapping into the entrepreneurial potential of employees. He is the former ideas manager of Impact Hub Brussels and co-organised past editions of the Coworking Europe Conference.

Jean-Yves Huwart
Jean-Yves-Huwart-Coworking-Europe-Conference-2012Jean-Yves Huwart is the CEO of Global Enterprise and the founder of the Coworking Europe Conference. Jean-Yves operates two Coworking spaces in Belgium. Jean-Yves Huwart is also a senior consultant covering, among other, new innovation and work models.

Manuel Zea Barral
manuel-zea-working-space-e1382728628702Manuel Zea Barral is an architect, founder of 2arquitectos in 2006. In 2007 founded one of the first coworking space in Spain: WorkingSpace, in Madrid. In 2010, Manuel founded the directory, and, in 2012, he organized the first Coworking Spain Conference. In 2013, Manuel Zea wrote the book Living Coworking. Besides, he invested investor of three start ups.

Mattia Sullini
Mattia-SulliniMattia Sullini is a freelance illustrator based in Florence. He begun in 2009 with the project 22A|22 to experiment with hybrid spaces for both coworkers and artisans. The general aim remains valid, even if split in the two projects he is running: Combo, a coworking part of the Cowo Project network, the biggest Coworking network in Italy, and FabLab Firenze, an association of makers and tech enthusiasts.

Anna Klementz
Anna-Klementz-e1380640130916Anna Klementz is the co-founder of Loffice, the first coworking office in Budapest, Hungary. Since this first location, Loffice expanded and by today has 4 locations in the buzzing center of Budapest and 1 office in Vienna. Nowadays, overall, Loffice counts over 2000 members and the network is expanding.

Christoph Fahle
christoph-fahle-e1374000892677Christoph Fahle is one of the coworking pioneers in Europe. With five friends, he started in Berlin, Germany, the betahaus network back in 2009. Since then he is actively involved in supporting and advancing the coworking movement. He is current focus is education at coworking spaces. Nowadays, the betahaus network includes spaces in Germany, Bulgaria and Spain.

Eric Van den Broek
Eric-Van-de-broeckEric has cofounded Mutinerie, one of the most influential coworking space in France. Mutinerie has been noticed for its particular vision of coworking, collaboration and work life in general. Mutinerie has rapidly become a recognized coworking space both nationally and internationally.

Philippe Verstichel
Philippe VerstichelPhilippe Verstichel is an engaged entrepreneur and consultant, with more than 25 years of European as a business transformer leading large project teams and growing business in many complex domains leveraging co-design approaches.

The original founders of the European Coworking Assembly are Anis Bedda, Jean-Yves Huwart, Philippe Verstichel, Manuel Zea Barral, Mattia Sullini, Anna Klementz, Christoph Fahle, Eric Van den Broek and Ramon Suarez.