Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

We don’t collect your data here for any purpose other than responding to you or sending you information about products you asked for, or the products themselves.

If you send us an email we will answer you via the address you give us. If you ask us to call you we will do it with the number you provide. If you buy the handbook or our swag we need the information to deliver it to you. We won’t send you any other emails, and we won’t call you for any other reason, and we certainly won’t sell or share your data with anybody without checking with you first – you are not a prize to us. You are the Assembly, and we are too.

Data you give us is limited to the project you contacted.  So if you sign up for the Newsletter, the communications team will not share your information with another ECA team unless you affirmatively want them to do that.  

If you opt-in or interact with our Twitter, Facebook, or newsletter registrations then we will collect the data you opted into given to us for those purposes. Because, if you sign up for something with us you will get it. No exceptions.

If one of our projects offers services or products they are covered by the terms of service here or by any specific TOS if the project publishes any.

As for the website, this is a WordPress website. WordPress uses cookies and browser sessions to improve the user experience. We’re not using any tracking/retargeting cookies. We use Google fonts and Font awesome.

If you want us to delete your information we will, you can ask this by sending an email to or send a letter to the physical address above.  Jeannine van der Linden is the data protection officer.

That’s it, really.