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Voices from Coworking

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This episode of Voices from Coworking is brought to you by the European Coworking

On March four, we shared with the Ukrainian Coworking Community a compilation of audio messages made by members of different Coworking spaces to the community of Coworking in Ukraine.  

The project intended to share a sense of presence with anyone suffering from the war. We wanted to establish a human connection and a channel for support.

The Ukrainian Coworking Community, represented by Anastasiia Kachan, produced a video
response that touched our souls a few days later. Yet another message arrived through an event organized by the Coworking Idea Project, this time by Vika Zhurbas

The entire event is available online. Our messages transformed into a dialog.

Today, we are sharing the second compilation of messages with you, and we are also announcing a name for this series of podcasts: Voices from Coworking.

In this episode, the voices are coming from Ashley Proctor, Duncan MacLachlan, Georg Brandenburg, Luka Srbič, Manca Dežman, Marijana Šarolić Robić.

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