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Sukhvinder Pabial: How To Facilitate And Un-conference In A New Era Of Connection

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In this episode, we welcome Sukhvinder Pabial, the Managing Director of  The Epping Connection. He is a senior learning and organizational development executive who helps organizations enhance their L&D strategy, delivery of learning solutions, and promotes and leads change in the delivery of contemporary learning solutions.

We will be talking all about how he started his own coworking space – The Epping Connection. His role as a Learning and Development leader and how he learned about unconferences and how he facilitate unconferences on his own way. 

When was your first unconference and what are your views about it nowadays?

It was around the year 2010 and it was organised by a HR community. They’re not just HR but proper Learning and Development organisation, development coaches, and recruitment specialists. It was everything that you would expect to come from a typical conference. What stood out about it was that it was just about people connecting, talking, and having real discussion with each other.

I am trying every single one of these things as much as I can, because one, I loved all of the different formats, but to they were just so they’re just so different to what a normal sage on the stage type approach is. And I get that that has a place. But but just personally, I much prefer the the dialogue that takes place with pretty much all of these other formats.


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