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Podcast Rewind: Irene Manzini Ceinar: Community-Led Coworking Spaces

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For our Podcast Rewind episode, we are bringing back Irene Manzini Ceinar from Barlett School of Architecture .

Bernie and Irene discuss Community-led Coworking Spaces and her study on the rise of coworking spaces locally, not only in Europe, but internationally, and how it impacts the community that surrounds such coworking spaces in this episode. She will also go into the intricacies of those coworking spaces, how they have thrived in the past, and how they will flourish in the future, particularly during the pandemic.

 Irene delves on how community-led coworking spaces is critical in our community since the local government is sometimes disconnected, or perhaps too far, from the inhabitants of a given area. So, having a type of intermediary or someone or, in a sense, the coworking space itself and it has to cast off or mediate between the requirements of the local community. And the goals of the local authorities have been very important.

Tune in to Irene as she talks and deep-dive about Community-led Coworking Spaces with Bernie. 

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