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Podcast Rewind: Gareth Jones – Coworking As An Essential Piece Of Urban Infrastructure

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Welcome to the Coworking Values Podcast Rewind folks. We are bringing back some of our episodes that still has a relevance in the current coworking trends.

For this, we have Gareth Jones from TownSquare talking about Coworking being an essential piece of the Urban Infrastructure.

Gareth talks about TownSquare, and how coworking is one of its components, and coworking more accurately reflects the type of ethos in the business model than it does the community of individuals that emerge and meet there.

Further in the episode, he delves into how coworking is an essential piece of the Urban Infrastructure. While coworking is currently regarded as either a luxury or a fashionable activity. And we must all work together to make people realize how important this piece of urban infrastructure is.

Tune in to Gareth and learn more about how coworking is an essential piece of Urban infrastructure. 

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