Piotr Boulangé:How Understanding Coworking’s History Might Help Us Predict The Future Of Work

Piotr Boulangé:How Understanding Coworking’s History Might Help Us Predict The Future Of Work

For this episode of the Coworking Values Podcast, we are back with our host Bernie J Mitchell talking with Piotr Boulangé. 

Piotr is the Founder and CEO of Multi Cowork, Director of Founder Institute Warsaw, and a Coworking Expert. He has worked for and advised both corporate businesses and start-ups.

Bernie and Piotr will be talking about how crucial is to understand the history of coworking and how it can help predict the future of work. 

Highlights from the podcast:

– The socialisation part of coworking is quite crucial. And there isn’t much you can do about it. Because that is the main aspect of the Coworking. And you may say that the serendipity effect, or simply having your creativity develop, is a byproduct of it. Because when you meet so many different people and discuss your ideas, projects, or whatever you’re doing, you constantly receive feedback from them, which gets you right back on track and tells you hey, there’s something wrong with it, or hey, this is wonderful. And you should redo it or reconsider it. How to do it once more. But, you know, that was the beginning of the Coworking. To be honest, I missed it as well. Because right now, when I go to the big Coworking space or have a desk purchased by one of my clients, I just sit down and work, and I don’t have a lot of time to socialise. There’s also the COVID impact to consider. But, yes, I miss those moments as well. (6.44)

– We know in the past that Coworking was created by Freelancers for other Freelancers. Currently, businesses that use coworking spaces for their employees are gradually taking over. Coworking spaces will be largely used by corporations in the future, or firms will make their offices look like coworking spaces to attract employees.

So, coworking is losing its creative edge. But that doesn’t make it bad. I’m only stating that we have to deal with the changes that are coming and that the only thing that remains from the original Coworking is the location.

So it was because, like a Coworking place, you choose a certain location. You still have socialisation, so you meet other individuals, which leads to serendipity, chaos, and innovation.

The future of coworking will be figuring out how to combine the corporate and creative sectors without making it tough. (12.23)

– This is just one of my predictions for the future. Coworking spaces are an effective HR strategy for most businesses since individuals have learned over the last two years that they do not need to travel to work for the firm to succeed.

The bosses’ sources notice it too, but I suppose they are afraid of the consequences if they don’t. So, I believe that coworking is a good choice for people who don’t want to drive two hours each way to work but still want to feel professional. And, for the most part, their employers will learn that working from a coworking space is both a business and a playful atmosphere. It may also be simple, but that’s a wish.

However, I believe this strategy could be effective, especially for the people who are recovering after COVID isolation. And I see a lot of them who could use a nice, environmental social space where they could, you know, kind of tiptoe around the official business strain. (20.40)


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