Miryana Stancheva – The New Coworking Identity Amidst The Covid Crisis

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Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to another episode of the Coworking Values Podcast. For this episode, we have Miryana Stancheva, who works for OfficeRnD in Bulgaria, a coworking expert with a PhD in Psychology. 

Miryana will be sharing her insight into the identity core brand of the coworking industry during its “teenage years”  and now, as the Covid19 crisis hits the globe. She will also be delving into how coworking spaces can generate revenue during the lockdown restrictions and how virtual or online coworking community decreases the values of the coworking industry.

How does Miryana think the coworking community can adapt to the “new normal”?

Yeah, that’s, I think that will be the biggest challenge of rethinking the whole business model of generating an income, because most of the spaces, generate income based on square meters or price per desk, plus meeting rooms and event spaces, these are kind of the most common revenue streams tend to have to lower the density of the desks and heavy content on how really then the calculation won’t be won’t be right. 

So, but, I mean, I see that there is a lot of discussion around that. But this is only one side of the coin. We shouldn’t forget that scoring is not only about the space and square meters in the desks, but people just be in coworking space because of the community.

And I think this will be kind of the pinch of magic the thing that will bring people in the spaces. Regardless, the measures, or the many areas, changing the price of the desks, but we’ve been in social isolation for months now and every one of us is really craving for social connections for together and as for sharing ideas for brainstorming with people, but in person, of course via zoom is very nice to see, we have all these digital technologies but in person is totally different. 

So I believe that this will be kind of. I’m not sure if I can say as a unique selling point but it will be definitely something that will bring the people into the CO working spaces. And I think we should also focus a lot on that because the coworking concept is a balance between generating lease revenue from the desk sprinklers and building the community and keeping it together. 

So definitely, it will be hard for the spaces to adapt to the new regulations, maybe they will be just temporary or one or two years maybe will be just for a few months.


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