Matt Trinetti – Making An Event Out Of Connecting

You’re here with me, Zeljko and our guest for this podcast, Matthew Trinetti, a Facilitator, writer, TEDx speaker, and Educational Designer. He is one of the people that enjoy being part of the coworking community. 

He is going to tell us about making an event out of connecting. How he managed to do it and his experiences in making it work. And how he helps people make connections.

What does a facilitator mean for making connections?

I was thinking about my experience and I think a few things, what could make a facilitator is the main job and it goes back to what words facilitate means -it means to make easy. 

And so, when you’re facilitating something whether it’s a course or training or a gathering, a dinner party. You’re making it easy and you as host you act more as host than a manager in a way and then what the host does is they’re responsible for making connections easy. Facilitating connection.

And I think there’s a, and usually through some sort of tool. And the tool that I talked about yesterday was a question. And that’s a really simple tool where you can just pose a question to a room, a group of people, and that becomes the tool to have some sort of connection, and depending on how deep that question goes the connection can go deeper.

 But the facilitator or a host uses their power as host or facilitator coworking space has, there’s a power there because you’re running the space, uses their power to make connections easy.

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