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Hello guys and gals, you’re here with me in another podcast with my guest Marko Orel. Marko has a PhD in Sociology and now works at the University of Economics in Prague as a postdoctoral scholar.

We’ll be delving on the research world with Marko as he talks about how he came to be a part of the coworking industry to achieving a PhD in Sociology. He also shares about researching the digitization of flexible contemporary workspaces.

How did you go from coworking to academia?

I mean, It just, it just kind of happened. So I was in the, in the Coworking industry or the business and comanaging a workspace. And essentially, like in between, I was doing a PhD. I was doing it for like six years. It’s something that I wouldn’t recommend to anybody else, but it’s a super lengthy process that I don’t know if it makes much sense. But at some point, it started to make sense. 

And essentially, I find it and analyze it. And I was focusing on researching or examining the supportive mechanisms within flexible work environments. So yeah, when when I was done with my own work in January last year, so in 2018, I received two pretty good job offers, like research positions. 

And essentially I took one in Prague at the University of Economics, which is the moment at a business school in Europe. And I said, Yeah, why not? Got married, and a month afterwards, move to the Czech Republic.

What does Marko think about using Taxonomy in the Coworking industry?

Yeah, I mean, like definitely that’s why I was like, pleasantly surprised when I had the lecture and then afterwards for analysis, they had a bit dependent doc. And yeah, it can be definitely used like in the industry, why can be used within the industry, in order like to understand how to develop like more and more, let’s say effective and optimized workplaces, and not just that, if you’re in 10s of thousand square meters, you put fancy chairs and, and then tables and plans on the like whatever and like lights on the ceilings and so on by just like you know, like to understand how you can narrate like the workflow in order to have like an optimal workspace for the individuals or teams of individuals who are using the space. 

And then like secondly, also like for the economic photo for the policy mechanisms we have. So, like, our school is often approached by local municipalities in the Czech Republic and they’re essentially trying to find, trying to find the ways how to adapt the policy mechanism in order like to support the further development of flat solely coworking spaces, generally collaborative spaces that would have and that already have the impact on on on the local micro-economy.

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