Marc Navarro – Connecting the Local Community

Hello listeners! This podcast was recorded at Coworking Europe in Warsaw in 2019. 

Our guest is Marc Navarro who runs the Coworking Academy in CU Asia Conference and is head of content for the long-running annual Coworking Spain conference.  Marc is a well-known consultant and friend to the coworking industry in Europe.

In this podcast, Marc talks about how coworking can connect with the local area and how his team did this with a space in Barcelona back in 2013. 

He also chats about the role conferences have in promoting and cultivating the Coworking industry and how the content that is being presented is more important than ever. 

Marc also is big on equality. He encourages an equal number of female and male speakers with the conferences he manages. And how he has a strict plan on making sure that these speakers in the Coworking Spain conferences have great talks and slides. 

On why Marc insists of having great content on Coworking Spain Conferences, he shares:

“I really, really care about people. When you are organizing a conference. I mean, in this case, because I’m the content manager of Coworking Spain conference, this is this will be my fourth edition.

 On the top is that people are spending a lot of money to come to a conference. Right, so it’s not just the people. 

It’s a ticket, the flight or the train or whatever transportation method he or she takes, but it’s also the accommodation, it’s the job he or she’s not doing his/her business. 

So somebody has to do that and maybe he’s hiring someone or asking a favor to a member that he will need to pay after, whatever right so it’s a lot of money it’s maybe from 6- 800 to 1000 depending on conference location etcetera. 

So as a Content Manager, you must respect that. Right. So, let’s say, for the easy way you cannot offer shit. Because our job as Content Manager is to guarantee that was being offered is top quality.”

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