Kofi Oppong – Coworking London, Sport, Inclusion & Goals

Welcome to another podcast. Our guest for this podcast is Kofi Oppong, founder of Urban MBA. They provide enterprise and employability training to young adults. They are said to be the University for Street Entrepreneurs. How great is that?

In this podcast, Kofi talks about coworking, sports, inclusion and goals. He also shares a little background on what prompted him to establish the Urban MBA. He also delves in the importance of inclusivity within the coworking community

Why do you think inclusivity is important?

Okay, so I think right now coworking is that that area where it’s about to explode in the UK, it’s 18% of GDP. So it’s growing into that area. And coworking is getting ready for the new freelancers of what we’re talking about, the new entrepreneurs and new contracted workers, different people are going to be doing different ways of working. 

If we can already take a look of that we don’t have to in 10 years time retrospectively look at how we include people of disability, people from ethnic minorities and all of that. And if we start talking about it now, that narrative can be woven into the beginning of this coworking cycle, period, because right now, and again, I’m talking about the UK, there are young Vietnamese, which is called Black, Asian minority ethnic in the UK, who are got as much talent as some of those hipsters, geeks, technical whatever you want to call them who are doing in the tech space, but they don’t feel welcome in a coworking space because it’s not their environment.

There are no Cultural references that allow them to, in that the two areas that are growing the most is the creative and the tech sector. And in the UK, that sector, there is only 18% of BAMEs. And that’s because there are no role models there. 

So frequently still, I’m getting people from who want to go into areas like music and fashion, which are saturated, it’s hard to make money in those because still, all their role models are there. If we don’t provide them with these role models or coworking isn’t thinking about how it talks to them, they’re still going to be the people who are deprived and marginalized because they will not get into this new trend early enough.

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