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Kate Usher: Starting the Conversation About Menopause

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For this Episode, we have Kate Usher, a coach and change strategist with 15 years of coaching experience, specialising in menopause, equality, diversity, and inclusion.
She is a widely recognized author on the effects of menopause in the workplace. ‘Your Second Phase,’ her book, is accessible in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, South East Asia, and Russia.
Bernie and Kate chat about how menopause has been the butt of jokes for so long with little understanding of what menopause is.
And how this stereotype is hurting the opportunities women all over the world.

Some points from the podcast:

– As a result, in the workplace, males frequently believe that this is primarily a women’s issue and that they should not be concerned. Either that, or it’s too complicated and a little too scary, so don’t even think about it. However, if you have a menopausal or coworker, regardless of their age, those symptoms will follow them into the office. They can’t turn them off because they can’t. They can’t, like say no, you know, you’re staying at the security barrier they can with you. (9.30)

– Okay, so, somewhat surprisingly, the United Kingdom is leading the way here. We are clearly more at ease than other countries when it comes to discussing menopause. And there is a slew of compelling reasons for this. Simply put, we were a generation that had to deal with a lot of firsts. So we were the first to go and obtain a math education. We were the first to pursue a career in menopause on mass. We were the first to have children while working full-time. We were and continue to be the first to experience menopause, menopause in the workplace, and menopause on a large scale. So we’ve done all of these firsts in order for this generation to be aware of the experience of breaking past prejudices. As a result, when it comes to requesting assistance, we’re ready to do so. (13.40)


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