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Johanna And Philipp Talk Community

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For our first community podcast, we have Johanna Voll, Co-founder of the Coworking Library sat down with Philipp Hentschel who is involved in a few Coworking projects – both rural and the city. He is the co-founder of We lance in Berlin. 

In this Podcast, Philipp shares that he and his collaborators have discovered many unique spaces that he collects in a blog. They talk about his involvement in different communities, benefits for rural development, but also the biggest challenges for rural coworking and why you may not find many spaces named “coworking space”.


What does the coworking, coliving community mean for Philipp?


Generally, also, when I started We Lance was always me and a group of people combining forces can reach more than I could ever do alone. So and this is, for me, the core of community, whether it’s working with other people or living with other people. 

You just mentioned that I’m involved in a coliving project. It’s like it’s huge. We want to move with 70 people from the city to the countryside. And there we need to build everything from scratch because there is nothing left. It’s also a small village with 300 people living there. So there’s no restaurant, no coffee, there’s no kindergarten thing. They always say in English.

There is no coworking space, there’s nothing and we’re going to go there and create it and you can’t do it alone.

So having a force of combined force of modern 60 people enable to reach things. Yeah, never too long. So this is a community for me, like really being surrounded with people joining forces and getting like, also big visions and big ideas that other people simply dream of.


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